120 Minute Run

[b]Quadrophenia[/b]: Our twenty-something receptionist Jay-Zee was listening to this in the office on Friday, on a website that streams albums. Used to be one of my favourites and I haven’t heard it in decades. So this morning, loaded it up on the Walkman and went for a run. Intended a 45 minute tapering run but was having so much fun listening and belting out the lyrics, I kept going and ran almost [b]12 km[/b] through the entire rock opera, all [b]120 minutes[/b] of it. Keith Moon's drumming is still amazing.


Cherry Beach

Another OWS session tonight. Cool, windy, strong current – it is becoming so much fun! There were about a dozen of us die-hards out there in wetsuits. Heading west was tough, had to really exaggerate turning head to the side to breath in without getting a mouthful of water. But then when heading east was like going downhill.
Going back in the pool over the winter is going to be as dull as running on a treadmill.
Swim: 30 minutes. I am the worst at judging distances. Maybe 800 meters.

Toronto Island Sprint Triathlon Report

Came close to the goals I had for the race, and some problems I need to sort out ASAP.

Arrived with plenty of time to spare, went down to the beach to check the start of a wave, scoped out the run and bike starts, and got into wetsuit. Was in the TA, listening to the PA announcing the race when I heard, “begins in about two minutes”. The only thing that could be starting in two minutes was my heat so I jogged back to the beach while trying to stay relaxed and not let heart rate go up too much and got my feet in the water in time to hear the race official there say “forty five more seconds”. The water was freezing cold, people were standing knee deep in it so all I could do was kneel down and splash some on my face. The horn went and I spent the first few minutes of the swim thinking “It’s really cold. It’s so cold. This water is so cold”. You know the headache you get from drinking a milkshake too fast? That’s what I was getting. But by the time I was making a left at the first buoy, about 270 meters out, I was no longer concerned with the cold but with the waves and current. Goggles were fogged up a bit so I had a hard time sighting the buoys and just aimed for wherever I could see some splashing ahead. The next buoy was around 230 meters and then another left turn and heading back to shore. It was a good swim, not as good as I’d hoped but about 17 minutes in the water and another 3 back to the TA.

The cleat on the left shoe has been giving me problems, I have not yet been able to put in a position where it isn’t hurting the bottom of my foot. But last week I thought I had found the sweet spot, and done a 20 minute ride that felt really good. Unfortunately, after 40 minutes into this race the bottom of my left foot was becoming numb along the back of the cleat.  The bike course is flat, there was some wind that slowed us down but my goal was to average 30 km/h and I nailed that.

However, back in transition my numb foot was a problem. I put on running shoes and had to pull the left one off again and check because it felt so strange. Then I started the run. Since last time at this distance I started out fast and blew up part way through, I wanted to start out slow for the first 5 minutes or so and finish strong. But the bottom of my left foot felt strange, like the sock was folded or creased. I stopped, checked and everything was okay. Started to run again but it was still feeling weird so I pulled over and had to massage it for a minute to get some feeling back. That helped enough that I didn’t have to stop again. My goal was to do 7.5 km in 45 minutes. I managed to beat off a challenge from a guy in my age group. He had passed me on the first loop but then stopped at the water station to get a drink so I passed him.  He started to catch up to me and then I thought, “this in not a training run, it’s a race” and I sped up a bit, enough to stay in front of him. He settled in behind me, probably waiting to make his move. But at the last turn off the path and back towards the finish area, I sped up and in the final chute to the finish line, a woman came out of nowhere and started sprinting past me. Somehow I found the energy to speed up and outsprint her, leaving my AG competitor in the dust (actually he finished 10 seconds behind me).

So on the one hand it was a good race, on the other foot I need to fix this shoe problem, and fast. Also: I am so NOT ready for Muskoka! Could use 2 more months, but it’s only 2 weeks away.

Aug 23: tritrektoronto.com OWS clinic

Went to an OWS clinic tonight put on by tritrektoronto. Good turnout, around 25 people. Really good close-quarters drills and getting used to contact, mass starts. Also learned a good technique for going around buoys.
We were split up into groups and went around a buoy in waves. At one time while my group was swimming out a guy plowed right into my. His chest smashed into my head, must have hurt him more than it hurt me heh.

The hour-long class ended, the guy who was leading it said some final words and there was some applause. So people were standing there and I called out, “who wants to do one more swim out to the buoy?” I figured at least a few people would want to do another lap since they went to the trouble of getting down there and suiting up but nobody responded so I swam out and back by myself.

STWM Training 14 km run

Went for what was supposed to be a 14 km group run but got separated from the group, came out of the park way off course and ended up covering at least 20 km. Was probably my longest run so far. Feet are quite sore.
On a positive note, at one point the president of the Toronto Triathlon Club ran past me going the other way. So even though I’m the slowest TTC member at least he knows that I actually do go out and train.

And it was about 10 km each way to bike to the starting point and then home.

Aug 20: Brimley x 5

Biked the Brimley Road hill today – five times. It took about 6-7 minutes each time so that’s around 40 minutes of uphilling. Then a short run. As I was churning away on the fifth climb out of Brimley, there was a pack of cyclists coming down. Suddenly on the road there appeared 2 adult deer. One ran off to the left, the other to the right. And as I continued to slowly chug up the hill the deer on the left came back to the road and was looking right at me. It was big and had a full set of antlers and I thought it was going to charge at me! But it stood there watching as I went past, and then it ran across the road right behind me to join up with its mate.

Bike ~40km, Run 7.5 km.